Mehr Grün in Kalk


Demonstration at the district representative assembly

On September 12 the district representation Kalk meets to decide on the first steps towards the development plan of the area Hallen Kalk in an accelerated procedure. In the new plan drawn up by the administration, the planting site remains intact, which we are very pleased about, but it is fenced in by 8-storey building blocks, flanked by new roads and sealed with an underground car park. Basic demands made at the last workshop meeting on July 2 have not yet been taken into account:

  • no new construction
  • further participation of citizens
  • no investors
  • sustainable traffic concepts

We want to decide democratically what happens in our district. At a time when we are confronted daily with the consequences of climate change, and now that the city has declared a climate emergency, it is urgently necessary to follow this up with actions that stand for change and climate justice in Kalk. We people in Kalk urgently need areas that are not sealed, such as natural spaces, which increase the quality of life and living and also minimise the heating of the city. We don’t want more concrete and compaction in our already densely built-up area! We want urban nature and climate justice in Kalk! Participation implements what was loudly and clearly demanded by the Kalk people on July 2: a permanent, process-accompanying round table on neighbourhood development in the south of Kalk.