Mehr Grün in Kalk


Play, walk, cycle, meet! Close the roads, open the streets! We’re taking back the streets! Action on 17.5.2020, 12-18 o’clock, Neuerburgstraße, Cologne-Kalk

Kalk is one of the most densely built up districts in Cologne, but at the same time there is a lack of green and recreational areas. Even before the Corona pandemic, we had too little space for children, pedestrians and cyclists. Now, in the midst of the restrictions imposed by the virus, we need space for movement, and we need it fast. That is why we take the space we need. We take back the road.

Space for children and for everyone!

Children in particular need more space to play. They must be able to move around the city safely. Just now it becomes apparent that the car-free space in Kalk is very limited. But: the less public space children have to play in, the more they bump into each other in a small space, and the more the risk of transmission increases. This applies to people of all ages who walk and cycle in Kalk.

We think that now is exactly the right time to: close roads to car traffic and convert them into safe play areas and turn car lanes into bicycle lanes. Other cities such as Madrid or Berlin are showing what is possible.

On Sunday, 17.5., from 12-18 o’clock the Neuerburgstraße (from the Kalker Hauptstraße to the Sieversstraße) is closed and a rally is announced.

Come in large numbers, pay attention to the distance regulations and bring things with you that are symbolic of our taking back the street (flower boxes, bicycles, seats, playground equipment, soap bubbles, goal wall and much more).

The organizers of the action are: Citizens’ initiative Mehr Grün in Kalk, In-Haus, Kidical Mass Cologne

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